We are seeking talented people to join green “Dream Teams.”


We are hiring Limited Partners with expertise in numerous fields: Education,Training, HR, PR, Marketing, Media, Green Tech, Organic Health, Advertising, Legal, Sales, Web Design, Programming, Social Media, Events and more.

MISSION – The primary goal of this large number of for-profits and non-profits is to preserve Earth and humanity.

WE MAKE IT EASY – A flex schedule enables most LP’s to work from home in either a full time or part time capacity. We focus on intelligence, ability and performance so even changing careers is simplified for you.

FINANCIALLY REWARDING – The unique performance based pay structure specifically designed for LP’s aligns compensation with performance and multi-corporate profitability.

CAREER OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME – Career minded LP’s working within an environmental consortium are more likely to:
➤ Land position(s) they actually love,
➤ Earn a higher average income
➤ Ultimately be in a position to retire early.

FAST TRACK YOUR FUTURE – The LP’s pathway is designed to maximize career mobility. It acts as a gateway to numerous other premium positions including Partner.

Call (855) 766-5229 to schedule your Limited Partner conference TODAY

(Students, Police, Fire and Military call for this special opportunity)

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