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a) This partial listing of projects and services do not include confidential projects.

b) Partner and Associate placement spans across over 90 non-profit and for profit businesses.

c) Confidential Strategies = (CS)

ADVANCE G MOVEMENT ~ Led by Social Green Movement, the name says it all

CO2S REDUCTION ~ Under CAP-Summit we are working to create a 45% reduction of CO2S by 2025

OCEAN ACIDIFICATION ~ Our oceans will die if ocean acidification is not reversed (CS)

VEGAN & VEGITARIAN ~ Making these the dining norm by 2025 (CS)

MEAT REDUCTION ~ Broadly educate the public about reasons for eating less meat

CHEMICAL REDUCTION ~ Take legal action against entities that are contaminating our resources

CANNABINOIDS FOR HEALTH ~ Achieve full legalization and create mass distribution (CS) for improved public health

HEMP PRODUCTION ~ is about to explode with Global demand and American farmers and tax payers should profit

ENVIRONMENTAL BUSINESS TRAINING ~ A training program that will deliver a three hour seminar to millions

CAP CURRENCY ~ An alternative currency that supports Climate Awareness and Protection (Donating 10% to CAP)

FUNDING ~ OEG Fund will provide funding for green game changing technologies and environmental businesses

MAGAZINE ~ A publishing team will create a unique green magazine. It will inform, educate and connect people (CS)

MEDIA ~ Build a media network to service over 90 businesses. Creating cutting edge campaigns

MARKETING & ADVERTISING ~ Marketing and advertising teams for the largest environmental platform of its kind.

ECO STUDENTS ~ Tag For Earth along with other (CS) sites will engage and unify green minded students

FUND GREEN TECHNOLOGIES ~ OEG Fund will provide funding for green game changing tech and businesses

CROWD FUNDING ~ Campaigns that Crowd Funding Station will launch (CS) will take crowd funding to a new level

MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS ~ All areas and businesses service over 90 entities and teams are being assembled

1. HR Managers & Personnel

2. Hemp, Medical Marijuana & CB’s

3. Climate Awareness & Protection

Eco Job Corps along with Power To Save The World are actively filling Partner and Associate team positions for all of these entities and projects.

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