You will discover we have created a unique financial business opportunity for Partners and Associates. It is performance based built on top of a multi team, multi-corporate management concept. Based on our review, Limited Partners will become Partners and Associates will work toward achieving either a unique career or Partner opportunity as well.

Our unique compensation program with its performance based profit sharing delivers an unparalleled advancement and growth opportunity for Partners and Associates. The best financial comparison would be the financial opportunity that you might have after investing half a million dollars to launch a new business. Assuming your business was successful the cash flow a Partner can achieve would be comparable without risking half a million dollars.

We have opened a total of 450 Partner positions along with 100 Associate positions. This includes HR, PR, Marketing, Media, Advertising, Sales and Management to name a few. Eco Job Corps intends to change how valuable Associates and Partners are compensated.

Consider this a once in a lifetime career and business opportunity. If you would like to discover your full potential while making a real difference for people and Earth then you should consider joining us now.

Andrew Tait
Managing Partner
Oversight Committee

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