Financial Overview

The following is a breakdown of business cash flow and income that will be distributed to our LP’s and Associates:

Limited Partner commitment fees will generate $1,782,000 with $594,000 paid in referral fees.
2) 450 Associate positions will create $3,037,500 of commitment fees with $1,012,500 paid in referral fees.
3) Another $900,000 will be paid out in MNP referral fees for a green tech private joint venture.
4) In Q4 1,800 Green Pathway Trainers will be trained X $9K = $16,200,000 X 25% = $4,050,000 in referral fees. Then in Q1-Q2 2016 another 3,600 GPT’s will be trained X 9K = $32,400,000 X 25% = $8,100,000 in referral fees.
5)Also 4Q 180 Green NAMs X 18K = $3,240,000 with $810,000 in referral fees. Then Q1-Q2 2016 another 540 GNAM’s will be added X 18K = $9,720,000 for $2,430,000 in referral fees.

The total for the list above is $20,326,500 in total referral fees with an estimate 7M in Career Path Income. Another 3M in revenue is estimated from memberships, advertising and product sales for this same time frame.



My Natural Pool, LLC agreed to provide Twelve Million USD of funding in exchange with Earth Media Network for Thirty Six Million USD worth of internet advertising. Three Million USD will be provided by the 3Q 2015 and the balance of 9M shall be paid within one year thereafter.

Global Environmental Network (GEN) in an agreement with Earth Media Network agrees to provide an additional Six Million USD. This shall be paid at thirty six percent (36%) of GEN Memberships starting after the GEN Pre-Launch. Based on GEN cash flow projections the sum will be paid out by 3Q 2016. In exchange GEN shall receive 18M USD worth of advertising.

As a result OEG Fund, LLC has allocated 15M of the 18M USD for management payroll. This covers all management personnel costs for a period of eighteen months. See the statement by the Oversight Committee regarding cash flow during the 2Q and 3Q of 2015.



While projecting income from a complex compensation program may prove difficult in this case our management team believes these projection will ultimately prove to be very accurate. The estimated earnings below reflects just the top 10% of the Limited Partners, Partners and Associates. Also note the chart below does not include GEN product sales or Profit Sharing.

[one_sixth] LP’s [/one_sixth][one_sixth] Performance [/one_sixth] [one_sixth] 1st Yr. Avg.[/one_sixth][one_sixth] Total Group[/one_sixth] [one_sixth]2nd Yr. Est. [/one_sixth][one_sixth_last] 3rd Yr. Est.[/one_sixth_last]

[one_sixth]1[/one_sixth][one_sixth]Flying[/one_sixth][one_sixth]$ 360,000[/one_sixth][one_sixth]$ 360,000[/one_sixth][one_sixth]$ 489,000[/one_sixth][one_sixth]$ 665,856[/one_sixth]

[one_sixth]1[/one_sixth][one_sixth]Incredible[/one_sixth][one_sixth]$ 270,000[/one_sixth][one_sixth]$ 270,000[/one_sixth][one_sixth]$ 367,200[/one_sixth][one_sixth]$ 499,392[/one_sixth]

[one_sixth]7[/one_sixth][one_sixth]Outstanding[/one_sixth][one_sixth]$ 180,000[/one_sixth][one_sixth]$ 1,260,000[/one_sixth][one_sixth]$ 244,800[/one_sixth][one_sixth]$ 332,920[/one_sixth]

[one_sixth]18[/one_sixth][one_sixth]Excellent[/one_sixth][one_sixth]$ 144,000[/one_sixth][one_sixth]$ 2,592,000[/one_sixth][one_sixth]$ 195,840[/one_sixth][one_sixth]$ 226,342[/one_sixth]

[one_sixth][one_sixth]27[/one_sixth][one_sixth]Very Good[/one_sixth][one_sixth]$ 111,000[/one_sixth][one_sixth]$ 2,997,000[/one_sixth][one_sixth]$ 150,960[/one_sixth][one_sixth]$ 205,306[/one_sixth]




The vast majority of Independent Business Owners listed above are expected to win a 5 day incredible Annual Convention. Of those up to 20% may also win a two day bonus extension for 7 days at the Annual Convention. The additional two days will be spent in part in the company with top management to share ideas and insights on where we are headed next.

We are working to launch the Train The Trainer and Green Pathway Trainer programs by 3Q and that would add another 54 Conference Attendees. Naturally this assumes enough individuals have met the requirements to attend the Annual Conference.

In addition other Conference attendees are expected which gives us a first year total attendance of 270 to 360. Regardless of the number it will be a smashing good time that you don’t want to miss. Wishing all of our Partners, Limited Partners and Associate the best of luck and know we are to help you achieve your goals.

By Management Teams:
Eco Job Corps, LLC

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