Partner, Limited Partner and Associate FAQs

NOTE: Eco Job Corps has developed a unique career path to top management positions. The system is designed to help goal oriented individuals to fast track their careers within a performance based system.

Annual Conference
Top 36 Contest
Applications & Qualifications
Commitment Fee
Partner and Associate Programs
General Questions

Annual Conference

Q ~ What businesses within the platform are sponsoring the annual conference?
A ~ Eco Job Corps, LLC along with its dba Power To Save The World (PTSTW) are joined by Global Environmental Network and The Environmental Education Center. Other for profit and non-profit entities will be participating, however these details are not disclosed at this time.

Q ~ What is the best way to participate and win the Annual Conference?
A ~ Applying for and then getting place in either the Partner or Associate Program is the first step. Next either paying off or offsetting the Commitment Fee generally within six months is critical. Then meeting all other Annual Conference criteria which should be published by June.

Q ~ How many Partners and Associates are expected to win the Annual Conference in 2016?
A ~ We project 200-360, however since contestants have to achieve a variety of conference criteria it’s difficult to predict. Our goal is to maximize the number of conference attendees.

Q ~ All together how many people are you expecting at the Annual Conference 2016?
A ~ However we are estimating 2,700-3,600. Regardless of the number, a fun filled memorable conference awaits you.

Q ~ Are spouses or significant others included for contest winners?
A ~ We are a family oriented group so we will do our best to enable spouses or a friend to accompany the conference winner.

Q ~ When will the requirements for winning the Annual Conference be published?
A ~ We are adding Partners now to the committee that will be creating the initial requirements. The process to determine Annual Conference requirements is time consuming so they will be published within 60-90 days of the filling of all Key Partner Positions.

Top 36 Contest

Q ~ How many Partners or Associates are expected to compete for the Top 36 Contest bonus prizes?
A ~ We estimate a maximum of 500 however:
a) The 500 is assuming that the majority of Partner and Associate Program positions should be filled by July, and
b) We expect with the size of the bonuses that the majority will meet the Partner or Associate Program requirements. Fully covering the Commitment Fee within the first six months is one likely condition. In the event the initial Partner and Associate Programs take longer to fill then the Top 36 Contest will likely be extended to the 3Q or 4Q 2016. In this event the number of participants would be much larger and these details we expect to be sorted out by July 2016.

Q ~ How does the Top 36 Contest fit in with the Annual Conference?
A ~ To qualify for the Top 36 Contest the first requirement is to meet all the requirements for the Annual Conference.

Applications & Qualifications

Q ~ Who should apply to the Partner or Associate Program?
A ~ Only individuals that have a true desire and commitment to succeed at business (under Partner tab see Partner Qualities).

Q ~ What are the primary requirements in addition to an individual’s technical qualifications?
A ~ Honesty, integrity, confidentiality, team friendly and commitment to creating positive change.

Q ~ May I refer an individual that I feel is an ideal candidate for the Partner or Associate Program?
A ~ Yes you can but please notify us since we are carefully screening individuals.

Q ~ What are the hourly, weekly and monthly requirements for either the Partner or Associate Program positions?
A ~ The HR and compensation system that Eco Job Corps created is a totally unique performance based system. It’s completely different from the typical “employee” compensation system. Unlike an “employee” based system there is a tremendous amount of flexibility built in. It is as different as a bank that grants loans based on an individual’s integrity rather than their credit score and Eco Job Corps system is that unique. So the best thing to do is interview to determine if it’s a good match for you and to ultimately determine if you’re made an offer.

Q ~ Between the Partners and Associate Programs are all 550 positions for one business?
A ~ Partners and Associates will fill key positions for numerous for profit and nonprofit entities.

Q ~ How do these positions compare to conventional corporate executive positions?
A ~ Below the CEO position middle management positions may carry a great title but often do not pay healthy six figure incomes. While many offer bonus opportunities they rarely are opportunities to really share in the real profits that are made. Outstanding and super achievers can significantly expand their income in a performance based compensation structure.
Eco Job Corps offers executives and middle management a compensation structure that over the first three years far exceeds what performance oriented individuals can make in an “employee” based pay structure. Once “employees” are on board, the general philosophy is to pay the “employees” as little as possible without losing them. The exact opposite is true in a performance based system, a true performance based compensation system pays generously for exceptional results!

Q ~ Can an Associate or Limited Partner position led to becoming a Partner?
A ~ Absolutely! While there are NO Guarantees, these positions were designed to help individuals discover their true potential. After that the individuals that rise to the challenge are groomed and/ or mentored to fill Partner or other premium positions.

Q ~ How are performance based pay structures setup and how will it benefit me?
A ~ Several factors affect income in the EJC performance based pay structure. Everything from personal productivity to all significant accomplishments are tracked. In addition the success of the team(s), project(s) and businesses are all taken into account. While the formulas may be complex the principal is simple, the higher the productivity plus overall measured success the higher personal, team and profit sharing can go.

Q ~ What is a loyalty based pay structure?
A ~ Certain green tech companies will factor in an added value for their highly confidential and trusted partners. Over time these individuals are rewarded for their continued loyalty. EJC represents a number of green tech companies within the environmental platform it exclusively represents. All of these green tech businesses are seeking trustworthy and career minded individuals.

Q ~ How many Associates or Partners are typically on each team?
A ~ While there is no set number generally there are 5 to 18 individuals on each team.

Q ~ Why are the Partner and Associate Programs so unique?
A ~ To begin with positions that truly compensate in accordance with one’s performance and that include profit sharing are very rare. After graduating college a top student may work 10 to 15 years before they may be lucky enough to be offered a Partner position. Eco Job Corps feels that highly talented individuals that are provided mentoring along with a stair step approach; many will become highly effective Partners or be ready to fill other premium positions.

Q ~ Why should I apply for a position now?
A ~ Within one year the qualifications will be far more competitive. Also once the compensation picture becomes abundantly clear to individuals in the Partner or Associate Programs word will spread and these or new positions will become highly competitive.

Q ~ Will other businesses adopt the same pay structure?
A ~ Yes, we predict greed driven business owners will be first to mimic this new compensation structure however they will fail miserably. Meanwhile green and forward thinking businesses with the right mindset and philosophy will help change how businesses treat and value their personnel.

Q ~ Will all hard working individuals succeed and become a Partner with one of the entities?
A ~ First working smart is always better than working hard and just like an individual that goes after a college degree nothing is guaranteed. This is an exceptional opportunity but at the end of the day it is entirely up to each individual along with how quickly they learn, develop and perform.

Q ~ Where will I work and will travel be required?
A ~ The Partner and Associate positions vary greatly. Most start out with individuals working virtually and in time once a Partner, Associate or other position is offered then relocation may be required again depending upon the position and yes some positions may require travel while many do not.

Q ~ What can you tell me about how the Profit Sharing works?
A ~ The following are quick answers to some general Profit Sharing (PS) questions:
a) Partners, Limited Partners and Associates may qualify for Profit Sharing and one prerequisite is having the commitment fee covered.
b) The quality of completed work must be at a level commemorate with the position.
c) Partners generally receive a higher profit sharing sum than Associates.
d) Profit Sharing is also to a degree performance based, and
e) Once the commitment fee is covered each month thereafter an individual will pick up 1/18th additional Profit Sharing. One must also remain on track for the program they’re in. Project analysis, personnel review and the oversight committee will make all PS determinations.

Q ~ What is GEN Revenue?
A ~ GEN stands for Global Environmental Network and GEN uses a totally unique strategy to sell memberships, green products and services. It’s designed to function in a fully automated manner so a professional does not lose valuable time servicing their GEN membership.

Q ~ What is career path income?
A ~ CPI are earnings that an individual earns for completing work that satisfies the requirements in a timely manner.

Q ~ What is the difference of Hard Dollars verses Vested Interest?
A ~ Just as a business owner may invest sweat equity then later when the company is profitable the business owner pulls funds out essentially the same applies here. The board or committee will determine when Equity Interests can be paid then either a percentage or the entire sum is paid. When a job is required and it is satisfactorily completed a value (not retail or wholesale but in between) is assigned and the individual(s) who completed it will then either receive payment during the next pay period or they will receive a Vested Interest for that same amount to be distributed once the business has sufficient cash flow.

Q ~ Do I have to complete work that is for a Vested Interest rather than for Hard Dollars?
A ~ No, however if one has no interest in building their Vested Interest and is only interested in working for Hard Dollars then we really do not feel they have a Partner mindset and neither the Partner or Associate positions are a good match for them. Further in a performance based system those who perform better across the board tend to rise to the top, receive higher compensation and are given preference on projects and promotions.

Q ~ Can you determine how much I will be earning the first year?
A ~ The Partner, LP and Associate positions all have a multiple pay structure. A substantial referral fee structure is in place that provides up to $5,000 in referral fees. Currently within the first 3 to 6 months if one refers 30 to 50 individuals and then 18 Partner positions are filled as a result then each refer just two others into the Partner program that original person would earn $126,000 and that should create $20K to $30K hard or immediate cash flow. Then the balance of $96,000 to $106,000 would be a Vested Interest for that individual and would likely be paid out during the second and or third year (see 90 Day Examples under the Partner tab and then Financial Overview submenu).

Also Note: We provide cross training for the Referral Program and we feel it helps an individual to achieve a solid track for interaction and across the board training for individuals in either the Associates or Partner Programs. Further financially the Referral Fee Program helps to bridge revenue that picks up sharply both the 2nd and 3rd years. These positions are designed for Independent Business Owners with a Partners mentality.

Q ~ How will Teams be managed?
A ~ Teams will largely be self-managed so they conference regularly toward optimizing their assigned business and or project(s). They will often largely govern themselves with the final approvals on major project(s) by either a review board or an oversight committee.

Commitment Fee

Q ~ What is a Commitment Fee?
A ~ A commitment fee is a monetary commitment to the entity and team members that one is looking to become a Partner or Associate with.

Q ~ What are the benefits for having a Commitment Fee?
A ~ Actually there are numerous benefits:
-> A Commitment Fee assures that everyone is equally committed to the success of these green businesses
-> In addition team members with a vested interest in a business are far more likely to succeed
-> A 33% total referral fee is a great incentive and opportunity to introduce others toward developing management dream teams
-> Either a Partner or Associate can develop a phenomenal business and career opportunity
-> The balance of Commitment Fees help to offset business expenses and fund other services for the business coop

Q ~ What are the benefits of paying off the Commitment Fee either up front or as quickly as possible?
A ~ First the sooner the Commitment Fee (CF) is paid in full the sooner one may be invited to join as a Partner or Associate. The earlier a CF is paid also affects Top 36 Contest points and points toward winning the Annual Conference as well. While there are other points and considerations that also carry significant weight the CF can set the stage for one to accelerate into their new career.

Q ~ Why does a business require a commitment fee?
A ~ When an individual makes a substantial vested interest via a Commitment Fee he or she is far more likely to perform. Their performance then creates a positive impact on the team(s) they are assigned to. Further it acts like an insurance policy assuring the other team members that they can rely on this individual. It’s also a smart way to quickly build dependable management teams.

Q ~ Is a Commitment Fee refundable?
A ~ Commitment Fees are treated the same as a head hunting fee and they are NOT refundable.

Q ~ If I bring in three or more individuals that are then approved for Partner positions can that cover my Commitment Fee?
A ~ While technically it could one cannot control when a program participant may drop out or need to take a leave of absence. As a result we try to ascertain when each Partner, LP or Associate has crossed their CF threshold. This threshold provides a financial buffer helping to assure that the CF is covered even in a worst case scenario. Then when a program participant passes their CF threshold everyone knows their CF is escentially locked in. This enables them to then focus on major projects and work toward achieving contests and the Annual Conference for better consideration toward their invitation to officially becoming a Partner or Associate.

Q ~ Isn’t a Commitment Fee of $18,000 rather high?
A ~ No not all. Compared to a conventional head hunting fee below you see the Commitment Fee is much lower. Also realize head hunting fees usually are NOT a fast track leading to a Partner and Profit Sharing opportunity. The Commitment Fee is an ideal move for performance or highly talented individuals that want to land a Partner or top management position generally in less than one year.

a) Today most Career Placement Professionals (CPP’s) either charge 20% for the first year or 10% for the first two years.
b) When the earnings potential is much higher the second year as is the case here most CPP’s will sell a two year placement agreement.
c) The CPP will collect a healthy deposit and then contract with the applicant and ultimately collect the entire fee no matter what. Even if a company agrees to pay a portion or all of the placement fee the applicant/manager will then be required to enter into a performance agreement for two or three years or longer thus insuring the company to recapture its fee.

Fee Example One – On a two year 10% agreement a top performer who earns $200,000 USD the first year and then $350,000 USD the second year the CPP or Head Hunter will receive a total placement fee of $55,000 USD.

Fee Example Two – If an individual can earn $126,000 USD the first year and the CPP knows the candidate could easily double that figure the second year but then earns $225,000 the second year at 10% per year the CPP will have earned $35,100 USD in placement fees. Further if the individual is named a Partner there may be bonuses or profit sharing that the CPP will collect 10% on as well.

Q ~ Once either a Partner or Associate Program opportunity is offered how soon should an applicant pay their initial commitment fee?
A ~ After acceptance the non-refundable commitment fee can be paid in full, in part or secured with a non-refundable deposit of $450 USD. This deposit enables the team to continue to work with an applicant to finalize a plan, fee structure and agreement. Generally two to five business days later everything should be finalized.

Q ~ If an applicant pays a deposit of $450 USD and changes his/her mind is the deposit refunded?
A ~ If deposits were refundable then they would serve no purpose. IF an applicant is seeking to lock in the relationship and to proceed into either the Partner or Associate Program. One should remember this is not an interview to become an “employee” but an opportunity for an individual to achieve a Partners position generally within one year.

Q ~ Can a charge back occur on referral fee commissions?
A ~ Yes, this can occur however it would be rare.


Q ~ I am a very talented person living pay check to pay check. I really want to enter the Partner or Associate Program, is there a way?
A ~ Yes, with just $450 you can get started with either program. If you are incredibly talented and are an ideal fit for one of our open position we will do our best to get you in. You MUST be willing to provide professional services or use our referral fee program to satisfy the Commitment Fee. An agreement is then entered into and know this is a highly sought after program so ONLY a limited number of applicants will be accepted. So don’t delay – Apply Today!

Q ~ Are the Partner or Associate Program positions paid positions?
A ~ Some are paid however most are performance based which ultimately compensates top performers exceptionally well. Business oriented individuals generally love the Partner and Associate Programs.

Q ~ How does a pay structure with multiple income streams work?
A ~ Just as smart investors diversify their portfolio it’s smart for business owners/managers to diversify their pay structures when possible. When one gets compensated for their professional work, then receives revenue from say Global Environmental Network plus then obtains revenue from referrals for example that would be multiple income streams.

Q ~ How does the profit sharing for Partners work?
A ~ Once an individual clearly becomes a major asset to one of the teams or entities usually soon thereafter they are asked to officially join as either a Partner or Associate. Then their profit sharing distribution will be determined based on performance, months on board and the positive impact they have created.

Q ~ How does the oversight committee determine the amount that will be provided for profit sharing?
A ~ There are numerous financial factors taken into account for both entities and future projects to determine the revenue for profit sharing.

Q ~ Are funds ever held back?
A ~ Yes, in the event a concern about a sale or if there is suspicious activity then a hold may be placed on transaction(s) or account(s) until the matter is cleared up. This is in the Partners and Associates best interest since any losses will directly affect their profit sharing.

Q ~ I have done incredible work only to have the department or company lose money. Have you taken that type of scenario into account?
A ~ Yes we have and to compensate for that we have what we call B2B profit load leveling. This means if a less profitable entity’s work directly enhances the profitability of another far more profitable business than the more profitable business will help fund the less profitable business. Without disclosing additional details there are confidential provisions that will help assure that highly successful individuals and teams are not properly compensated while other members of the environmental community flourish. It’s simply a more fair and equitable compensation system.

Q ~ I heard your group uses Golden Handcuffs, can you explain what that is and how it works?
A ~ Yes that is correct. Golden Handcuffs allows a business to pay exceptionally large sums to top performers while safeguarding against those individuals suddenly leaving or retiring prematurely.

On an individual basis we set Golden Handcuffs at 350K USD or 500K USD per year. For example if a Green NAM (National Accounts Manager) closed a deal for 1.5M USD and the individuals GH was set at 500K then 1M would be set aside in their Golden Handcuffs account. Then assuming they stayed with the business and continued their positive work at 5 years they would be paid the 1M USD from the Golden Handcuffs account.

Partner and Associate Programs

Q ~ I can devote a fair amount of time to the Limited Partner program and I have a lot of connections but limited cash flow, can I get in?
A ~ Absolutely we would love to consider any pre-screened and talented individual. You should schedule a time to conference with one of our Partners through the individual who first connected with you. Below are some additional facts that may be helpful:
->This program has a non-refundable $450 Entry Fee (NOT to be confused with the $450 Deposit).
-> The Entry Fee is NOT deducted from the Commitment Fee (CF) of $18,000 USD.
-> HR hires that are a result of your referrals are split 50/50 for 90 days, 70/30 for 180 days with 50 or 70% credited to your CF.
-> Any pre-negotiated credit for work that is satisfactorily completed is also deducted from the Commitment Fee.
-> This program is designed to enable talented people with limited financial resources to enter into a program toward becoming a Partner.

Q ~ I don’t have the $450 Entry Fee but I am incredibly talented is it possible for me to still get into one of your programs?
A ~ Absolutely, after reviewing your resume and data a brief initial interview should be set up to explore possible options.

General Questions

Q ~ How soon do you expect to fill the Partner Program positions to be filled?
A ~ The LP positions will be filled as quickly as good matches are made. Initially we are sending over 500 invitations to well qualified individuals and professionals. With three to five HR and LP Managers we expect to fill many of the positions within the next few months.

Q ~ If I start the process am I guaranteed an initial LP position?
A ~ No, only those who are fully contracted and have paid the applicable Commitment Fee are considered on board.

Q ~ Once I apply is there any urgency for interviewing for an LP position?
A ~ There are only so many LP positions for each particular position and for each team. Once these positions are filled any other applicants that are being interviewed will be notified that they can go on a pre-approved LP waiting list. While this does not “guarantee” a position odds are the applicant will ultimately be placed on a team.

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