Steps To Becoming a Partner, Limited Partner or Associate

(Refer to Index of Terms for descriptions)


1) Potential applicants may be pre-screened by either a Limited Partner, Associate or HR Manager.

2) After an initial screening or Partner interview you may be asked to discuss the matter further after you review the following sites:

Power To Save The World
Eco Job Corps

3) Those who are recommended to move forward will then interview with a Partner, or be asked to join either a Google + or Skype group conference. When possible, conferences are conducted to expose participants to a wide variety of questions and answers. Be aware these conferences are part of the interviewing process.

Social Green Movement
Global Environmental Network
My Natural Pool

4) Either phone or Skype interview(s) are conducted by either a Partner or HR Manager. Usually during the second interview any details regarding work, LP Partner work credit, along will any final questions will be answered.

5) Once the Applicant receives the Green Light (the committee has approved an offer) then the Application, Agreement and resume or CV should be immediately completed and submitted by either by email to or fax it to 510-263-5772.

6) IF you haven’t had a final interview you can: a) text “Request for Interview, YOUR NAME” to 501-545-9979 or
b) send a request via Facebook to the Managing Partner at

7) When you conference with a Partner or authorized HR Specialist we’ll:
  a. First determine if we are a good match for you and if you are a good match for us
  b. Then review our extremely unique compensation structure including:

• An example of what individuals may earn their 1st, 2nd and 3rd year
• The team structure and how it generally works
• How a multi-pay structure works, plus why it’s a system designed for success oriented individuals
• How profit sharing and bonuses work/s) we’ll determine the best initial position or perhaps even the ideal career path for you
c. During the interview(s) we’ll determine the best initial position or perhaps even the ideal career path for you

• We are ONLY after individuals that are willing to make a commitment to their success
• Once a Green Light is given applicants have a short window to decide and then act on this opportunity

d. Upon verbal Agreement a $450 non-refundable Entry Fee, or Reserve Deposit is generally required to proceed.
Note: Entry Fees are in addition to the Commitment Fee whereas a Reserve Deposit is deducted from the Commitment Fee.    e. After submitting all paperwork along with the appropriate, and or full payment then typically the following occurs.

8) Upon acceptance you’ll be assigned to one or more teams based on your skills, interests and Commitment Level

9) After reaching or exceeding financial and other objectives, the Review Committee will inform individuals when they have been selected for promotion or other opportunities based on their results. Earning the Annual Conference (5 to 7 day paid event held at a four or five star hotel) places individuals in a prime position.
Note: Once an individual attends the Annual Conference it’s been said once you make your first conference you’ll never miss it every year. The location will be announced for the Annual Conference 2015 and will be scheduled for December or January. Many quarterly or contest winners may also win shorter excursions hosted by key management groups

Web content, programming and database teams are being assembled to update or build out websites. With the teams being assembled we expect all 250+ sites to be perfected by 3Q. Suggestions for anything from projects to technologies should be emailed to and they shall be forwarded to the appropriate management team for review and consideration. First you will be considered for the team that is assigned to the project or technology.

Also inventions, inventors or technologies that are referred to our group can land you with either an ongoing working interest or substantial referral fee. This is a potential life changing opportunity and we do it right. You’ll discover our management teams and oversight committees provide opportunities that conventional businesses simply never offer. We expect two to three dozen of our Partners and Associates will win this technology lottery over the next decade, good luck and happy hunting.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Eco Job Corps, LLC

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